A walk in the woods

A fungal foray – 16, October @ Swan Barn, Haslemere

I had walked around this lovely area previously but never in the autumn so Naima and I set off to see what we could find in the way of fungi. Here are some photos of some of the things we saw. We have tried to identify as many as we could but we are by no means certain that they are correct.

  1. Aleuria aurantia, Orange peel
  2. Armillaria gallica, Bulbous Honey Fungus
  3. Armillaria gallica, Bulbous honey fungus old ones
  4. Armillaria mellea, Honey fungus possibly?
  5. Boletus chrysenteron, Red Cracking Bolete possibly
  6. Boletus sp.
  7. Clavulinopsis laeticolor, Handsome Club perhaps ? They were very flat.
  8. Cortinarius elatior, Tall Webcap possibly?
  9. Cortinarius sp – Could they be the same as 8 (Cortinarius elatior)?
  10. Cortinarius torvus, stocking webcap possibly?
  11. Same as 10 – side view with bit of gills
  12. Fistulina hepatica, Beefsteak Fungus
  13. Grifola frondosa, Hen of the Wood
  14. Gymnopilus penetrans, Common Rustgill
  15. Helvella lacunosa, Elfin Saddle
  16. Laccaria amethystina, Amethyst Deceiver
  17. Lactarius quietus, Oakbug milkcap possibly?
  18. Lacterius blennius, beech milkcap possibly?
  19. Lacterius rufulus, Rufous milkcap possibly?
  20. Leccinum scabrum, Brown birch bolete possibly?
  21. Mycena rosea , Rosy bonnet
  22. Mycena sp – possibly Mycena arcangeliana, Angel’s Bonnet (I forgot to smell them)
  23. Mycena spieces? – (wooly bit at root end of the stem)
  24. Oudemansiella mucida, Porcelain fungus
  25. Psathyrella longipes, Tall brittlestem posibly or the same as 23 – found in same area.
  26. Russula aeruginea, Green brittlegill
  27. Russula nigricans, Blackening Brittlegill
  28. Russula species – Russula nobilis, Beechwood sickener possibly?
  29. Russula species – Russula emetica, The Sickener perhaps?
  30. Russula species – Russula betularum, Birch Brittlegill perhaps?

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