Flying beasties often fly around quite fast and never sit still for long so I don’t find it easy to photograph them either. They also frequently fly off just as I am ready to take the photo. I have managed to capture some of the more obliging ones. I have also come across some interesting looking caterpillars. Other creepy-crawleys are easier once you find them, which isn’t always easy either. Identifying the little things is frequently an issue too, especially those in far-away lands, so this section contains a lot of unidentified species.

Butterflies & Moths

Below is a selection of butterflies and moths. For more information and classification go to the Lepidoptera section.

UK & Europe

The photos of the butterflies below were all taken around the UK.


The selection of butterflies below were all taken on various wildlife holidays. I have also taken photos for the classification section at various butterfly farms including at RHS Wisley Gardens when they had exotic butterflies in the glasshouse.


There are a lot more moths than butterflies and many are just as pretty although they are not always as easy to see. Of the selection below, the first three were seen in Trinidad and the other two at home in the UK.

Dragonflies & Damselflies

Thursley, my local common, is well known for its amazing variety of dragonflies and damselflies. I do get quite a few in my garden too including the Southern Hawker I watched as it emerged from its nymph stage. In Costa Rica, at La Selva Biological Station, we were lucky to find one of the world’s largest damselfly, the helicopter damselfly. It was large, around 10 cm long with a wingspan of nearly 20 cm, a beautiful thing to watch. Below is a small selection. You can find more in the classification section under Odonata.



Other Creepy-crawleys

Below is a selection of various other beasties I have seen. Most of these have yet to be identified.

Beetles & Bugs

These are some of my favourites, especially shield bugs. I am not so keen on roaches though. Here is a selection.

Crickets, grasshoppers and more

Although there are plenty of grasshoppers and crickets locally I was delighted to see stick insects and a praying mantis at Asa Wright. We didn’t actually see many cicadas but the noise was deafening at times.

Wasps, bees, flies and hives

When I try to take photos of flowers I also sometimes get the occasional bee or fly included. Here is a selection all seen in the UK.

I have come across some wonderful looking hives during my travels.


I am not that keen on spiders but some are quite interesting and the webs they spin are rather pretty.