Late Autumn walk @ Golden Valley

This morning Naima and I went over to the Golden Valley again. It was starting to get rather muddy in places, especially at the start of the walk. There was not a lot to be seen initially but once we got further down we managed to find a few things.

I was particularly pleased to find some Fenugreek Stalkballs. They didn’t smell anywhere as strong as the ones at Waggoner’s Wells, but these looked paler and probably not so old. There were also a few other lovely tiny ones. I have tried to identify these and labeled them with my best guess.

Naima had recently walked through the area and seen rather a lot of Hedgehog fungi, possibly two separate species, and wanted another look. However, having looked again at my photos I think they were probably all Wood Hedgehogs.

We also saw a few bracket-type fungi but I am not at all sure about what they could be.

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